From the President

Hi all!

My name is Nesha, and I am your MedSoc President for 2022!

The MedSoc was created to support, represent, and entertain the ANU medical student body. And in 2022, I feel very lucky to be working with a committee who is passionate, kind, driven, astoundingly innovative and committed to working towards this aim.

Having held the positions of Global Health Chair and ANUMSS secretary, I have had the opportunity of seeing firsthand what amazing things medical students can achieve when we come together. As President this year, I want to build on these efforts, and continue to foster the sense of community that has supported me on my journey in medical school.

Covid has been tough. This year, I really want to make sure that students have the support that they need to make the most of their medical school experiences. Working with the committee, I will advocate for appropriate support structures and escalation pathways, and help create innovative opportunities for students to engage with each other in both academic and extra-curricular spaces despite the tribulations of Covid.

I am very proud to be representing the medical students at ANU, and am looking forward to what we can achieve this year. I am excited to see how the committee grows together to support, advocate and entertain our student body!

I’m only a message away, so feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or queries!

x Nesha

Meet Your President

Nesha Gezer

4th Year Medical Student

From the President

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