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The IT Officer is responsible for the development and maintenance of the IT systems that are used by all members and the committee of the ANU Medical Students’ Society (ANUMSS). When COVID-19 forced teaching at ANU Medical School online in 2020, it became clear that ANUMSS lacked the capacity to engage their members effectively from a distance. 2021 will be a year of big changes to improve the ANUMSS technological presence. You can keep an eye on the progress of these changes in the roadmap below.

IT Roadmap for 2021

  • Allocate email addresses for all committee members.
  • Apply for a Google Workspace Nonprofits license.
  • Compile a ‘Find a GP’ map to assist new students.
  • Engage an email sending service for both marketing and transactional emails.
  • Evaluate and engage the best payment gateway provider to receive online payments.
  • Migrate resource drives to Google Workspace unlimited storage drive.
  • Publish Google calendar for easy integration with Outlook calendar.
  • Rebuild to remove dependency on insecure WordPress plugins.
  • Setup a meeting reports system to improve transparency to members.
  • Setup an anonymous feedback form for ANUMSS and course-related feedback.
  • Setup an online store for membership, merchandise, and ticket sales.
  • Update all website content for 2021.
  • Work with the Secretary to “professional-ise” elections.
  • Write an “ANUMSS IT Guide” to track all IT infrastructure used by ANUMSS.
  • Write a Privacy Policy to comply with requirements under the Privacy Act 1988.
  • Allocate email addresses for all subcommittee members.

Have a suggestion or ANUMSS-related IT problem? Please get in touch!

Meet Your IT Officer

Benjamin Mead

2nd Year Medical Student

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