Phase 2 Committee Meeting – Monday 25/07/2022

July phase II mtg

  1. AiM application for NSW placements either in addition to PRINT or replacing PRINT. Further details are to be ironed out by DK from ANU ‘s perspective. Emails will be sent out to students soon. Equity and ethics were discussed and committee has passed the decision to go forward with AiM.
  2. Y3 electives may be in discussion again re whether it should be mandatory or not given the amount of struggle from students all over Australia. For now it will stay mandatory.
  3. Missed placements due to COVID won’t be mandated to be made up during the last two weeks of Print. Impacted students on WHNC during term 3 have already been contacted regarding their placement.
  4. PRINT preference will be emailed out within the week. Students will be give 1-2 days to put in EOI if wishing to swap.
  5. Janelle Hamilton will step down by the end of 2022.
  6. Implementation of an online module supporting learning of LGBTQIA health developed by students, ANUMS academics and community members to be published soon for students

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