International Women’s Day Paint & Sip

ANUMSS is hosting a International Women’s Day (byo) Paint & Sip to raise money for Toora, a local Canberran women’s charity (, that provides services to women in the Canberra region, through gold coin donation!

This Paint & Sip (Tea/Juice/Whatever you’d like) class circles around this year’s IWD Theme: #BreakingtheBias.

The subject of the paint & sip will be two women, but we’ll have variations for each person to add their own flair/artistic vision (or if you want to just follow the vision of our brilliant master paint teacher Taylor Benn, then that works too).

It will be held at the aMBUSH Gallery in Kambri at ANU. Gold coin donation for entry (or more if you’re capable and/or feeling generous!!)

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