Rural Internship Night

We know how confusing and difficult applying for internship is! The ANU Medical School Society (ANUMSS) and the ANU Rural Medical School Society (ARMSS) will be running a zoom night on Tuesday the 15th of March about how to apply for rural internships.

I received great feedback from the Metropolitan Internships night last Tuesday (01-March) and am delighted to bring you this edition.

We will have four current interns (ex-ANU graduates) who applied successfully through a rural pathway and are now completing their internship rurally.

  • Dr Emily Heaney (Bega, NSW – through ACT Health)
  • Dr Katelyn Wilson (Wagga Wagga NSW – through Rural Preferential Pathway)
  • An intern from the Northern Territory
  • An intern from a surprise location to be announced later this week.

Ms Jennie Gordon, SE NSW Rural Training Hub will also join us.

At the end there will be time for some questions for our panellists. There will be a google doc link for you to put your questions in.

Structure of the night

  • 4 x 10 min presentations from Interns
  • 1 x 10 min presentation from Ms Jennie Gordon
  • 1 x 15 min panel. Zoom link to come.

We hope this will be recorded, confirmation to come.

Found an error?

Tell us about it, and we’ll rectify it ASAP!