Virtual Exchange Opportunity to connect with Medical Students from Taiwan

What is AMSEP? AMSEP, which stands for Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme, facilitates international exchanges via 4-5 days of academic, community service and social/cultural activities among 28 matched AMSA chapters In 2022, we are matched with Taiwan and Philippines and have two amazing exchange programmes coming soon.

But there’s still COVID and border restrictions? This year, both exchanges will be virtual and will be based on multiple exciting platforms besides zoom. (So not just another zoom lecture/info session yayyy). We have prepared loads of fun games and quizzes in the comfort of your own home

When is our next AMSEP? AMSEP Australia x Taiwan is happening on the first two weekends of March (5th, 6th, 12th and 13th March)

How much does it cost? It’s FREE!!!

What do I get out of this experience?

  • A wonderful multicultural experience packed full of exciting academic and social cultural activities that you cannot get from anywhere else.
  • Invaluable friendships across the globe.
  • A certificate to go on your CV.

Found an error?

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