Australian Medical Association (AMA) Representative

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is the peak professional body representing doctor’s working in Australia. They aim to advocate and protect the wellbeing and professional interests of doctors.

The AMA helps promote safe working conditions, protected teaching time and ensuring we get paid for the work we do. This is crucially important for us medical student as it won’t be too long until we are part of this workforce.

Hi I’m Rebecca and I will be the AMA rep for 2021 and will serve as the student voice on the ACT AMA council.

As part of my role this year, I will be helping run the following events:

  • Sign up drive for AMA student membership.
  • Life in the real world: Practical advice for internship and motivation to finish fourth year.
  • Intern application support: Advice from ACT health on how to apply to internship in the ACT.
  • Interview skills workshop: Learn how to write a great CV, how to prepare for interviews and career planning.
  • AMA graduation breakfast: Mingle with fellow graduate of 2021 and CBR doctors. Great opportunity to catch up and network.
  • Hopefully more!

Please get in contact if you have any suggestions about future events or issues to raise with ANUMSS or the AMA.

Meet Your AMA Representative

Rebecca Malley

4th Year Medical Student