Indigenous Student Representative


Welcome to Ngunnawal Country! Do you know that when we share a welcome to country we are inviting you to be part of the journey of our lives. Collectively we are acknowledging your entire personhood and spirit and it’s nurturing. That’s why it’s really important when we welcome/acknowledge country that we don’t use some scripted manifest that represents a box ticking exercise of political correctness. It’s really important to honour space, feeling and the environment you find yourself in.

Here is an example of a Welcome/Acknowledgement that gives meaning to the time and space we share.

I’m Nat, a Ngunnawal woman from the Gundagarra Mob. Our mob is to the north of Kamberri, the central meeting place of our Nation.
Kamberri was a place of ceremony, trade, endeavour, and learning.
My soul feels it’s joy when I learn in this nation. It fills me with hope.
Take a look around and consider one new thing that your eyes have seen today. How has the Ngunnawal Nation taught you today? What is something you can give back to the mother (the spirit creator) in gratitude for the gift of knowledge?

Meet Your Indigenous Student Representative

Natalie Gordon

1st Year Medical Student