The Australian National University Medical Students’ Society (ANUMSS) was founded in 2004. It prides itself as the peak representative and advocacy body for ANU Medical School students across all four year levels.

Our goal is to “Support, Represent, Entertain” the student body. With a team of dedicated committee members elected each year by our peers, we provide ongoing academic and advocacy support for medical students. In addition, we provide state and national representation at Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) events, and active participation at the ACT Australian Medical Association (AMA) council meetings.

We also work closely with the Medical Education Unit at ANU to ensure our MChD program is of the highest standards and that our graduates have equal work opportunities in the very competitive medical field.

One of the main highlights each year is the exciting social calendar organised by ANUMSS to complement students’ time at medical school. These events not only offer students a chance to de-stress, but also a relaxed environment to socialise with other year groups and establish lifelong friendships.

From the President

Hi all!

My name is Nesha, and I am your MedSoc President for 2022!

The MedSoc was created to support, represent, and entertain the ANU medical student body. And in 2022, I feel very lucky to be working with a committee who is passionate, kind, driven, astoundingly innovative and committed to working towards this aim.

Having held the positions of Global Health Chair and ANUMSS secretary, I have had the opportunity of seeing firsthand what amazing things medical students can achieve when we come together. As President this year, I want to build on these efforts, and continue to foster the sense of community that has supported me on my journey in medical school.

Covid has been tough. This year, I really want to make sure that students have the support that they need to make the most of their medical school experiences. Working with the committee, I will advocate for appropriate support structures and escalation pathways, and help create innovative opportunities for students to engage with each other in both academic and extra-curricular spaces despite the tribulations of Covid.

I am very proud to be representing the medical students at ANU, and am looking forward to what we can achieve this year. I am excited to see how the committee grows together to support, advocate and entertain our student body!

I’m only a message away, so feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or queries!

x Nesha

Meet Your President

Nese Gezer

Nesha Gezer

4th Year Medical Student

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