Gender, Reproductive and Sexual Society (GRaSS)

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GRaSS is a safe and inclusive committee that works toward providing accurate information on things pertaining to gender, reproduction and sexual health, creating a safe space where any questions can be asked and answered judgement free.

We aim to provide a place where people can advocate for and inform others within this space, as well as providing events such as ‘You Can’t Ask That’ style evenings and period drives.

Events in 2023

  • April – ‘You Can’t Ask That’ Evening
  • August – Period Drive
  • October – Morning Tea

Meet the GRaSS Team


Ella Parolin


Will Conabere

Will Conabere

1st Year Rep


Rose Bauer

2nd Year Rep


Gayathri Menon

3rd Year Rep


Imogen Brewer-de Nicola

4th Year Rep

Gender, Reproductive and Sexual Society (GRaSS)

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