Welcome to the ANU Rural Medical Society or ARMS!

ARMS is your first port of call for anything related to rural and remote medicine! We are a committee open to everyone and we seek to promote learning opportunities and outreach to the local communities around NSW and ACT.

What We Do

Here’s a snapshot of the awesome opportunities we have for you!

Rural Health Show BP Drives

A wonderful opportunity to practice you manual blood pressure skills while getting a feel for the diversity of rural communities and their unique health challenges. Students visit the Rural Health Shows over the weekends and have opportunities to interact with Rural Doctors and Rural Stream Students in older years while meeting members of the community.

High School Outreach

A great opportunity to promote Medicine and Health careers to rural students. Using your new-found skills learned at medical school, give the students a taste of what Medicine is like by plaster casting with them and discussing pathways to University.

ARMS also hosts students from the National Youth Science Forum over summer to give them an insight to studying Medicine at ANU!

Skills Nights

Our legendary Skills Nights provide students with small group training sessions in all the exciting skills we’re really here for! Learn to intubate patients, take arterial blood gases, suture, cannulate and so much more. Sessions are taught by doctors from The Canberra Hospital.

Our Treat

Crash A Country Pub

What better way to promote rural life than experiencing and contributing to it yourself? Pile on to the bus and let us take you on an adventure beyond the borders of Canberra!

Scholarships and Sponsorship

Want a scholarship to spend a few weeks over summer in a rural hospital, community or with the Royal Flying Doctor Service? Come along to our scholarships evenings where we give you all the intel on opportunities for you!

We also sponsor students to attend rural health conferences or present at events around Australia.


National Rural Health Summit

Go Beyond the Border with conferences around Australia where you get access to speakers, skills training and rural emergency scenarios to prepare you for your future career.

Close the Gap Conference

A packed weekend full of speakers, workshops, dances and cultural walks as students from across Australia come together to discuss Indigenous Health.

Rural Career Nights

Come and have a fancy dinner on us while we give you all the latest on training pathways, contacts, schemes and sponsorship to begin your rural training from Day 1 of your Intern year.

Academic Speaker Night

Looking for a 3 course meal in a fancy restaurant for <$15? Come along to our Academic Speaker Night! You get to listen to expert rural doctors and their amazing rural experiences, with an opportunity to network with them.

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