The ANU Surgical Society is a student-run organisation that encourages and supports medical students to pursue their interests in surgery. It provides opportunities for approximately 400 students each year to deepen their surgical knowledge, practical skills, and network with local surgeons. These opportunities include six annual skill workshops, regular surgical case masterclasses, a ‘Women In Surgery’ evening, and an annual surgical symposium.

Skill workshops are consistently attended at full capacity; where suturing techniques are practiced with the guidance of surgical registrars, often preceded by presentations on the principles of optimal wound closure.

The surgical symposium has been an event that evolves each year. This year will, over the course of a day, include; six keynote presentations, two skill workshops, an afternoon panel, as well as a social evening afterwards.

Our ‘Women In Surgery’ event will include an evening of presentations which will highlight the opportunities for women in a surgical career. This event realises the society’s mandate to encourage and inspire medical students to consider a career in surgery.

This year the society will also host a fun, social evening to celebrate the study of anatomy.

With so much planned for the year, we are very excited to get started!

Victor Vuong