Surgical Society

Surgical Society

From the President

The Australian National University Surgical Society is a student lead initiative that facilitates medical students in developing and pursuing their interests in surgery and research. On average, it provides 400 students each year to enrich their surgical knowledge, hone their skills and provide a networking bridge with some of the local surgeons whilst promoting surgical conferences and research opportunities. The ANU surgical society provides students these opportunities through six annual skill workshops which cover basic suturing and include more advanced hand-tying and sutures skills for higher year levels. We also run regular surgical case masterclasses, a ‘Women In Surgery’ evening and an annual surgical symposium.

Skill workshops are the crowd favourites, where suturing techniques ranging from basic to advanced are practiced with the guidance of surgical registrars, often accompanied with presentations on the principles of optimal wound closure. This year we are also hoping to diversify the workshops by adding in additional hand-tying sessions and anastomosis practise.

The magnum opus of the year is the surgical symposium, an annual event that includes six keynote presentations from renowned surgeons from across Australia (sometimes internationally), two skill workshops, an afternoon panel coupled with a social evening to close.

Our ‘Women in Surgery’ event includes a set of presentations within which the opportunities for women in a surgical career will be highlighted, the troubles women have and currently face in surgery will be discussed. This event provides a framework to help encourage and inspire medical students to consider a career in surgery which they previously may not have.

With such a busy schedule of events planned for the year, we are very excited to cracking and look forward to meeting you!

Theodore Scordas

Events in 2021


Suturing Workshops

For Year 1 students


Excision and Hand-tying Workshops

For Year 2 students


Suturing and Anastomosis Workshops

For Phase 2 students


ANU Surgical Symposium


Women in Surgery Night


Anatomy Pub Trivia

From the Women in Surgery Officer

Hello! I am Isabel, your Women in Surgery Officer for 2021. I am here to champion women in surgery, both in SurgSoc and Medical School more broadly. Surgery has historically not been a friendly industry for women. My role is to show today’s female medical students that the road to surgery is very possible, by organising events to meet and network with female surgeons, ensuring a gender balance in all SurgSoc events, and just giving you a chance to see what being a female surgeon is like (especially the work-life balance!).

Surgery is something I am passionate about (with my own hopes of becoming a neurosurgeon). If you have any burning questions or suggestions for events, or just want to chat, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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