The Auricle

The Auricle is a periodic email newsletter sent to all members of the ANU Medical Students’ Society. It contains an update from the President, notices from other Committee members, information about upcoming events, and of course, memes. You can view back issues below.

The Informant

The Informant is a yearly academic publication that invites students to write about one of the issues that the medical field faces today. You can find back issues below.

Meet Your Publications Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Arvind and I’ll be your Publications Officer for 2021. I’m really looking forward to this role and hope that I can provide some quality publications for you all. One of the main publications you’ll see pop up in your inboxes is The Auricle, our periodic newsletter that informs you of ANUMSS events and other things that relate to medical students…which includes memes. Later on in the year I’ll start taking submissions to revive The Informant, our yearly publication of student-written articles on more serious issues we face in medicine. More on that later. I may also have some new things lined up, so keep an eye out for that too. As always, if you have any suggestions or would like to publish something, feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about it!

Arvind Kamath

2nd Year Medical Student