Position Statement on ANU College of Health and Medicine’s Managing Change Proposal

The Australian National University Medical Students’ Society (ANUMSS) is deeply concerned with the ‘Managing Change’ Proposal put forward by the ANU College of Health and Medicine (CHM) on the 17th of March. Our medical students take great pride in being part of the ANU Medical School, with its deep ties to quality research, highly qualified clinical academics and the wider community. Many of our students have expressed concern at the loss of the ANU Medical School identity which would arise as a result of the proposed restructuring process suggested by the CHM, in addition to the impact on the ANU Medical School community, with the ‘disestablishment’ of staff positions affecting highly valued and long-standing administrative and academic colleagues.

The ANU medical student community are worried that the changes proposed would negatively  affect existing relationships with ACT Health clinicians and therefore the quality of our teaching in a clinical context. Furthermore, we are deeply concerned about the impact this proposal may have on student wellbeing and training for the future ACT health workforce. This is made particularly difficult as no specifics of the model have been outlined, so it is difficult to understand the true implications and provide informed feedback. As such, we are currently advocating for:

  1. An extension on the current consultation period, and 
  2. Clarification on the practical implications of the restructure for students   

At this time, we are actively engaging with the stakeholders within the medical school and the greater ACT health community to truly understand the broader implications of the proposed changes. We are committed to the ANU Medical School and its vision towards creating professional, well-rounded, compassionate Health Professionals. We are looking forward to working with the CHM to maintain this vision in its proposed changes for the future of the school during this consultation period.

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