Position Statement on ANU College of Health and Medicine’s Managing Change Implementation Plan

The Australian National University Medical Students’ Society (ANUMSS) has been grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the College of Health and Medicine on their plans which affect our medical school. We provided significant feedback on a number of issues identified within the plan, and were invited to propose the ideal model of a medical school from a student perspective. 

We advocated strongly to retain the identity and key independent structures within the ANU Medical School (ANUMS). Understanding current and forecast budgetary constraints, we believe the new proposal retains the key features of the ANUMS and is a step in the right direction. This identity is incredibly important to the student cohort as it respects the existing collaborative relationships between ANUMS, the student cohort, the wider Canberra and Region health services, and the community. These relationships have taken a number of years to build and we look forward to continuing to engage as a Medical School with the community. We are also enthused by the formal recognition of  the need for a home for clinical educators whose teaching is extremely valuable to the students. 

We have been advised that during the implementation phase, much of the finer details are still to be decided. We have been invited to future discussions in the new design of the School of Medicine, Psychology and Health Leadership. While we acknowledge the losses – especially those affecting staff – we recognise that the proposed changes are made in an increasingly difficult fiscal environment and have merit, and are excited by the opportunities that the new structure may bring for future students.

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